Winter Tidy Up and Patio Cleaning

After a long and hard Winter, my garden and patio were in need of a Winter Tidy Up and patio cleaning to remove the build-up of moss, grime and lichen to the patio slabs. A heavy fall of leaves and pine needles needed clearing, the area was swept and prepared prior to pressure washing cleaning. Whilst my son watched England v Wales on TV in the Six Nations Rugby Tournament I cleared the area prior to cleaning.

A lot of leaves and pine needles had fallen over the Winter period and with mowing the lawn etc took a full day to clear and prepare the area for cleaning. This was an ideal opportunity to clean and service our Wilkes 750i Pressure Washer and fire it up for the first time this year. We can use a variety of attachments depending on the type of surface we’re cleaning, due to the severity of the soiling over Winter and lichen build up I used the Turbo Nozzle to blast away and rip up the soiling leaving the area clean. Take a look at the below video and how the Wilkes Pressure Washer transformed my patio area.

Once cleaned I allowed the area to dry as I still have a lot to do, the area needs some repointing and relaying of some slabs but think you can see the fruits of my labour so far. If we can do the same for you please give us a call for a FREE quote on 01327 342594

Driveway Cleaning

As well as patio cleaning, we also clean driveways using a surface cleaner in conjunction with a variety of lances to wash away the dirt and grime. Once cleaned and allowed to dry we brush in kiln sand to the joints to stabilise the brickwork which also polishes off the area. I will be giving my driveway it’s annual clean later this year, take a look at the below pictures of some of the work we carried out on behalf of some of our customers last year. March onwards is the ideal time to clean your patios and driveways to get your homes looking their best.

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