Why is Gutter Cleaning Important?

As Autumn is approaching we thought this might be the ideal time to tell you why gutter cleaning is so important. Having your gutters cleaned may not be your highest priority but regular maintenance is important. Gutters collect and guide rainwater off the roof, through down pipes into the drainage system keeping it away from the brickwork and the building preventing damage to the brickwork and damp issues. Blocked or damaged gutters can cause water to overflow resulting in potential damage or expensive repairs if not dealt with at the earliest opportunity. Therefore be pro active and have your gutters checked on a regular basis.

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How do gutters get blocked?

Gutters get blocked from fallen leaves, moss, twigs, and other debris which can build up over time. If your property has trees nearby leaves will get blown onto the roof and into the gutters. When wet, leaves will stick to the inside of the gutters and become soggy. This in conjunction with moss falling from the roof creates a build up affecting the natural flow of water. The moss and leaves will become lodged in corners and eventually down pipes.

Over time leaves and moss turn into a fertile compost, the perfect breeding ground for seeds and weeds that have been blown onto the roof or dropped by birds. If left these will grow into clumps of earth and grass, completely blocking your gutters affecting the natural flow of water. This growth can work it’s way to the down pipes which will lead to a build up of rainwater and potential overflow. We therefore recommend that your gutters are checked and are Autumn Ready in time for winter to ensure water is free flowing to prevent damage by snow and ice build-up.

How do I get my gutters cleaned?

If you wish to get Autumn Ready or notice you have a leak or blockage simply contact us at SleepHaven. We can arrange to inspect your gutters if necessary or provide you with a quotation over the phone depending on your requirements.

We can inspect your gutters via an inspection camera and identify any issues. Depending on your property we can clear your gutters via ladders, our Skyvac System or a combination of both! Our high powered Skyvac gutter cleaning system allows us to clean your gutters from the safety of the ground. We can reach those awkward to get to gutters above conservatories or down side alleyways which often get neglected to their inaccesible location.

If you have a domestic or commercial premises our Skyvac system can easily and effectively clean gutters up to four stories high, and all from the safety of the ground. Once the gutters are cleared we will water test to ensure there’s no leaks and carry out any minor repairs like sealing joints if required. Any other issues we will draw to your attention and provide a quote for any repairs if required.

Further videos of gutter or other cleaning services can be seen via our YouTube Channel

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