Why am I finding Moss on my Patio?

After the recent cold snap we’ve been contacted by numerous clients asking “Why am I finding moss on my patio and pathway?” When we’ve explained why they’ve asked us to check and clean their gutters and roof of moss and to clear them. If you’ve found moss on your patio and pathway and have wondered the same I explain it all in the below video.

Roof & Gutter Cleaning – Moss Removal

Now you know why you’ve found moss on your patio, therefore we’ve been assisting customers to remove moss from their roofs and gutters. We remove the moss using a Sky Scraper which has an interchangeable head to suit the particular tile on your roof. We carried out a job in Duston Northampton for a customer who was really pleased with the work and left a Website Review and on Google.

Gutter & Roof Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning

Patio Cleaning

Once we’d cleaned the roof and the gutters one of our clients asked us to clean their patio, we happily obliged. We used a Wilkes TX750i Pressure washer which has just under 4000psi which cut through the moss, silt, and grime. This was a demonstration model, we were so impressed with it we’ve placed an order and waiting for a new pressure washer to arrive from the USA. This will be a new regular service we will be adding to our external cleaning services and will update you in the near future.

Patio Cleaning

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