Water Restoration Daventry

Water Escape, Leaks & Flooding

With all the recent rain a letting agent client contacted SleepHaven to attend a property in Long Buckby due to flooding, water had damaged the carpets at a Landlords cottage in Long Buckby. SleepHaven now provide Water Restoration Daventry & Northampton areas to our letting agent clients. Water had entered from the rear of the property and made its way through to the front soaking all the carpets and underlay.

When we arrived I had to extract any surface water using our hot water extraction system, I then gave the carpet a light spray with an odour kill treatment. The carpets were lifted in the hall way to find that water had penetrated through to the underlay and sub floor, this to had to be lifted and any excess water extracted.  Once this was done the sub floor was treated with an envirosafe treatment which would eradicate bacteria and mould growth and was allowed to work whilst we extracted water from the back of the carpet and both sides of the underlay. Air movers were positioned to blow under the carpet and underlay to enhance the drying out process, it’s important to dry out the carpets at the earliest opportunity. Once the carpets and underlay were dry we treated both sides with an odour kill treatment, the underlay and carpet were then fitted into their original position.

The carpet was then given a thorough vacuum in preparation for its final clean. Yet another odour kill treatment was applied with the carpet cleaned using an odour clear and fabric refresh treatment with blowers used again to dry off any remaining moisture. In this instance, we were called to the scene quite promptly and able to deal with the situation on the day which saved the landlords carpets, time and money. Extensive damage could be caused to the flooring, skirting boards and other elements of the property if not dealt with promptly.

Water Restoration Daventry

Other landlords have not been so lucky, we recently had to deal with a water pipe leak to a first floor flat in Earls Barton which had been going on for several months, on this occasion flooring had to be disposed of, skirting & kicker boards removed with the installation of 2 x air movers and 1 x De Humidifier. Again all the carpets had to be cleaned and sanitized, the process on this occasion took 9 days to dry out before decorating and remedial works could be carried out. To find out more you can visit our “One Stop Shop Property Services” website, this is a bespoke service we offer to our Letting Agent, Landlord and Property Investor Clients.


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