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Upholstery Cleaning – Staverton Near Daventry

Upholstery Cleaning Staverton

We were contacted by a customer and asked to carry out upholstery cleaning to his 4 seater couch and two armchairs.  The customer had 2 small children, pets and worked in the building industry and in his words the suite had taken a 7 year beating!

On inspection the suite was heavily soiled with spills from drink and food plus heavy soiling from the customers work clothes plus the odd splash of paint……the customer had recently decorated his lounge, this was going to be a challenge!

Upholstery cleaning is much harder than carpet cleaning due to the different types of fabrics you have to deal with plus its all carried out by hand. The suite was vacuumed thoroughly using a turbo brush to remove as much soil as possible, by repeatedly vacuuming you can remove up to 70% of surface soil. After testing the suite for colour fastness we applied a fabric restorer and then agitated it into the material using a soft brush and mitt. This breaks down the soil ready for hot water extraction, the suite is flushed through using a specialised upholstery tool. The soil is removed via the hoses and the water and soil stored in a dirty tank. However as the suite was extremely dirty especially the arms we repeated the process using our spotter on the arms plus spot and stain removal to individual stains, paint, drink etc.

The suite was finally flushed through using a fibre and fabric rinse, this restores the PH level to neutral and helps bring back the original colour of the suite. It was a dark burgundy suite and the colour really began to come through after this process. Air movers are used during the cleaning process to enhance the drying time of the suite. Due to the amount of water used we wanted to avoid shrinkage, therefore with jobs such as this its important to extract as much moisture and dry off as quickly as possible.

The customer contacted us in the evening when he returned home from work, he couldn’t believe the results. He was thrilled with our work and couldn’t believe how good his suite looked and smelled.


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