Upholstery Cleaning Daventry

Upholstery Cleaning Daventry – How We Do It

As members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) we not only provide professional carpet cleaning but upholstery cleaning Daventry, Northampton and the surrounding areas.

With upholstery cleaning there is so much more to consider in relation to the types of fabrics and cleaning process, In addition everything has to be done by hand which is a lot more work and time consuming if you want to achieve the right results.  As with carpets, we always do a pre test on the fabric to ensure the right solution is used and give the upholstery a deep vacuum using a turbo brush.  This includes all the cushions, sides, back and front to ensure as much of the soil is removed as possible prior to the cleaning process. Customers notice the difference straight away and are amazed when we say this is only the first stage, by using the turbo brush we remove 70% of the soil prior to wet cleaning.

We then spay the upholstery with an appropriate solution and gently agitate using a soft upholstery brush ensuring we agitate in the right direction to avoid any pile distortion, the solution is then allowed to dwell for 5 to 10 minutes. We then use warm water with a fibre and fabric rinse to flush through and clean the fabric with a hot water extraction system, other dry systems are available dependent on the type of soiling and fabric.

Once the cleaning process is complete we use air movers to dry off the upholstery as soon as possible, the cushions are stacked in a pyramid shape to allow the air to move through and assist in the drying process. To see how we clean your upholstery in Daventry and Northampton visit our Facebook Page, Website or take a look at the images below.



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