How to Remove Chewing Gum from Carpets

How to remove chewing gum from carpets
Stain Removal Tip - How to Remove Chewing Gum If you manage a pub, club, or are a property management company one of the biggest problems you may face with your carpets is the problem of chewing gum. You want your carpets to look good and presentable for your customers, stuck down chewing gum looks unsightly, attracts dirt and germs and is a nightmare to get off! Here in this video I show you one of the ways on how to remove chewing gum from a hard wearing button back carpet in the corridor of ...

Spot and Stain Removal – Testimonials

Spot and Stain Removal
SleepHaven Google Reviews We were recently contacted by two repeat customers and asked to carry out some emergency cleaning on their behalf. Both needed spot and stain removal but for different reasons and one to their carpets and the other to their upholstery. Take a look below to see what each of our customers had to say about our spot and stain removal service which they posted on Google. Upholstery Cleaning - Customer Review Fabulous service!!!. Had to have my new sofa cleaned after an un...

Carpet Cleaners – Northampton

Carpet Cleaners Northampton
Commercial Carpet Cleaning - Northampton As carpet cleaners Northampton we carry out regular commercial carpet cleaning in Northamptonshire and the surrounding counties to pubs, clubs, offices, rental properties and the communal areas of large apartment blocks. Our most recent challenge was four apartment blocks in Northampton plus two Villas and all during a heat wave! The blocks were several stories high, with executive flats, numerous residents and located in the center of Northampton. Wh...

How to Remove Hair & Black Fluff from your Carpets

Hair & Black Fluff - Carpet Stain Removal Tip Have you ever wondered what those dark marks are around your bed, wardrobe or in front of your couch? No matter how much you hoover they're still there? Well the likelihood is that it's black fluff from socks!.....and here we'll tell you what causes it and a SleepHaven carpet stain removal tip on how to get rid of it! Around the bed, in front of the wardrobe and couch are normal heavy duty"Traffic Lane Areas" where the carpet gets more wear a...

Carpet Stain Removal Northampton

Carpet Spot & Stain Removal As qualified professional carpet cleaners in Northampton we're trained in advanced spot and stain removal. Having 9 years experience we've encountered most stains and have a variety of solutions and techniques in assisting us to remove stains from your carpets. We will offer customers advice by phone or provide a "Call Out" service for all those emergencies removing a variety of stains from tea, coffee, ink, nail varnish red wine and bodily fluids! The sooner ...

Red Wine Stain Removal – Nether Heyford

Carpet Protector
Testimonial - Red Wine Stain Removal Yet another successful visit by SleepHaven to our home. A huge thank you to Richard and his team for their rapid response to rescue me from the “Dog House”, after I spilled some red wine on our lounge carpet! I have known Richard for many years and have used the services of SleepHaven many times; I would not use any other company. Geoff – Nether Heyford

Carpet Cleaning Northampton – Stain Removal

Have you ever wondered what those dark lines are on your carpet close to the skirting boards? As professional carpet cleaners Northampton we're members of the NCCA and trained to an advance level of spot and stain removal and deal with this on a regular basis. You often find "Draft Marks" in older properties or cottages, however we have seen them in new builds to, they are caused by air travelling under skirting boards or doors and dust is being blown on to the edge or underneath the carpet. ...