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Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaners Daventry - Testimonial As Carpet Cleaners Daventry we're Advanced members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA). This means we're: Fully Trained Insured Accredited Professional We give customers peace of mind knowing that their carpets and soft furnishings are in safe hands, NO hidden costs or ad on'sĀ  ..........We do what we say and ensure we look after our customers. As members of the NCCA we're Trusted Local Cleaners, we recently received the bel...

Rug Cleaning Daventry

As professionalĀ carpet cleaners Daventry we not only clean carpets but carry out upholstery and rug cleaning to. We were recently contacted by a long term client who had a large rug he wanted cleaning, it had been stored for several years and was heavily soiled in places and he was considering in throwing the rug. We visited our client to inspect the rug and were quite surprised at its size, however on inspection we thought it could be cleaned and took it away with us. As we do on some of rug...