How to Remove Chewing Gum from Carpets

How to remove chewing gum from carpets
Stain Removal Tip - How to Remove Chewing Gum If you manage a pub, club, or are a property management company one of the biggest problems you may face with your carpets is the problem of chewing gum. You want your carpets to look good and presentable for your customers, stuck down chewing gum looks unsightly, attracts dirt and germs and is a nightmare to get off! Here in this video I show you one of the ways on how to remove chewing gum from a hard wearing button back carpet in the corridor of ...

How to Remove Stains – SleepHaven Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Cleaning Daventry - How to Remove Stains We recently received an emergency call from a children's residential home in Long Buckby near Daventry to see if we could clean their carpets and to remove some paint and ink stains. Speaking with the manager she informed me that one of their residents had found some paint and ink and decided to paint the carpets and walls on the brand new carpet! They recently had the carpet fitted ready for their Offstead inspection the following Monday!!!  If w...

Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet stain removal
Daventry - Carpet Stain Removal Do your carpets suffer from X Box fatigue??? I love my son but since the extension to my kitchen where I now frequent my son and his friends have turned my lounge into their "CRIB" and gaming room which I'm not allowed to enter. Whilst he was away I entered to pick up glasses and other teenage mess and was horrified at the state of my carpets......and to be honest embarrassed!! As a Professional Carpet Cleaner I thought I would turn a negative into a positive and...