Carpet Cleaners Daventry

As carpet cleaners Daventry we attended a rental property in Daventry on behalf of a tenant, she had recently moved into the property and requested that the carpets were cleaned as she thought they were not up to standard. The tenant had liaised with her landlord and he gave her permission to call a professional company to attend and clean her carpets, after some research she contacted Sleephaven on several recommendations.

The lounge and stairs carpets were particularly heavily soiled, therefore all the carpets were given a deep vacuum prior to cleaning. We then used a powerful traffic lane cleaner as a pre spray, agitated it to break down the soil and left it to dwell for 10 minutes. We then cleaned the carpets using a hot water extraction system with an extra strength solution to flush through the carpets, the tenant was amazed at the results! She said ” I can’t believe the difference, they look like new carpets and smell so fresh!”

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