Stain removal

As professional carpet cleaners based in Northampton & Daventry we provide a quick response to local clients who need assistance in removing stains from their carpets. For our advice on how to best remove stains, please watch this short video, we hope it's useful to you. In the event of an emergency or if you have problems with stain removal. We now sell or "Professional Spotter" to all customers

Please don't attempt to remove a stain using a product from under the sink, if a stain is not dealt with properly you may cause more harm than good. If you use more than one solution you may cause a chemical reaction which may damage or change the colour of your carpet.  So please call the professionals, take a look at some of our before and after pictures below:

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We now also sell our “Professional Spotters” to customers

When removing stains from customers carpets it’s great to see the reaction on clients faces, they always ask…..”How did you do that?” “What do you use and can we buy some?”

So due to lots of requests and in an attempt to help my customers you can NOW use what the professionals use and feel safe and confident in doing so! Safe around pets and children, for just £10 you can use our professional spotter to rid those little spills and stains. Contact us for more information and place an order.


See how I cleaned my own lounge carpets after they suffered X Box fatigue from my son and his friends! I take you through stain removal, carpet cleaning and the benefits of carpet protection.

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