How to Remove Hair & Black Fluff from your Carpets

Hair & Black Fluff – Carpet Stain Removal Tip

Have you ever wondered what those dark marks are around your bed, wardrobe or in front of your couch? No matter how much you hoover they’re still there? Well the likelihood is that it’s black fluff from socks!…..and here we’ll tell you what causes it and a SleepHaven carpet stain removal tip on how to get rid of it!

Around the bed, in front of the wardrobe and couch are normal heavy duty”Traffic Lane Areas” where the carpet gets more wear and tear. Even with wool carpets the fibres will get crushed over a period of time which can also be highlighted with light refraction. However, these traffic lane areas can sometimes turn black and no matter how much you hoover you can’t improve them, especially with cream or light coloured carpets. The most common cause is hair or black fluff from socks! The fibres from the socks become intertwined with the fibres of the carpet and actually become part of it, therefore changing the colour and making it much darker. Take a look at our video and see how you can remove the fluff with this useful SleepHaven Carpet Cleaning Tip!

You can buy a “Squeegee” from most DIY stores and is a useful tool in our spot & stain removal kit. A lot of cheap carpet cleaners won’t even vacuum your carpets or will even charge you extra for drying them! As a professional carpet cleaning company that’s not how we operate, our motto is “We don’t cut corners we clean them!”. We pride ourselves on having high standards and providing a quality service, that’s why we use techniques with the squeegee as part of our spot & stain removal service to clean our customers carpets.

For further useful tips on spot and stain removal please visit our SleepHaven website or call 01327 342594 for advice.

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