Smoke Damage

How to treat Smoke Damage

As a landlord or letting agent you will know that accidents can happen and that some tenants are not that careful. I recently had to attend a property where the tenant had left a pan on the cooker which caused extensive smoke damage to the kitchen, entrance hall and lounge. In this blog I will talk you through the process on how to treat smoke damage to your property.

Firstly the walls, ceilings and woodwork need to be washed down extensively using a solution especially for smoke damage, we have a variety at our disposal which will remove the soot, smoke and kill the bacteria. The affected rooms were then decorated, to see how we did this you can visit our One Stop Shop Property Maintenance website but here I will talk about how we cleaned the carpets and fabrics.

First of all we spread a dry compound over the carpets and fabrics which absorb the soot, after leaving it for 10 to 15 minutes we gave it a deep vacuum to remove any residue. The affected rooms were then treated with Ozone, this will kill any bacteria and changes the molecular structure of the air removing odours, you can find out more about Ozone via the link. The carpets and fabrics were then treated with a solution which is specifically designed to treat smoke damage, this is sprayed and then agitated and leaft to dwell. The carpets and upholstery were then flushed through and extracted using a fibre and fabric rinse which has a neutral PH level preventing any colour fastness or bleeding. To assist with the odour we then refilled the tank and cleaned for a second time using an Odour Kill pre spray with a fabric refresh treatment in the tank, this will remove the odour and coat the fibres and fabric with a fragrance.

Once cleaned we use several air movers to circulate air over the carpets and upholstery which enhances the drying time, this is vitally important as this prevents problems such as shrinkage, delamination or browning. Once the carpets and upholstery were dry we tidied up and cleared away leaving the rooms clean and fresh for the tenant.

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