SleepHaven Maintenance & Deep Cleaning + The Hosepipe Challenge!

We’ve been really busy lately but recently had a window of opportunity to carry out some much-needed maintenance & deep cleaning of our vehicles and equipment. As part of our Coronavirus protocols, we sanitize the carpet cleaning equipment & vehicle on a daily basis to keep our customers and staff safe but needed to catch up on some of those jobs we put off and do a stocktake of our materials.

The Boys – Got to love the Humour!

The boys were tasked with a list that included washing the vans and equipment, topping up materials, and adding labels to bottles to identify solutions, however, I made a schoolboy error! When asked which ones I replied “Everything” this was something I was going to regret! Taylor & James cracked on washing the vans and was impressed with their enthusiasm and spirit as I could hear them laughing and enjoying their work. Once I finished my emails I went out to inspect their work and just had to smile and see the funny side. When I said “Everything” they took me literally and decided to label everything, including the Vans! Although their spelling was suspect I had to love their sense of humour plus they did a pretty good job to boot!

The Hose Pipe Challenge

When we carry out carpet or upholstery cleaning we get the customer to walk round with us to check our work and make sure that they’re happy with everything before we pack away, this also allows us to point out any issues and offer advice to the customer in regards to the maintenance of their soft furnishings. Once this is completed it’s time to pack away whilst the Air Movers continue to dry the carpets or upholstery. One piece of kit we have to pack away are the hoses, this can be quite tricky and there is an art to it which the boys have been trying to master as part of their continuous training. Being a competitive bunch the “Hosepipe Challenge” has evolved as we compete to put the hoses away in the quickest time, however, I’ve noticed neatness hasn’t come into the equation!

Taylor – Hosepipe Challenge 59 Seconds But he had help from the Cat!
James Hose Pipe Challenge – 1minute 19 seconds

The SleepHaven Team

As well as the Boys (Taylor & James) we have Kelly who looks after our Social Media activities and “Maggot Box” who looks after our Property Maintenance side of things for our Landlord and Letting agent clients via our One Stop Shop Property Maintenance Service. We’re very fortunate to have Kelly as she keeps us all on track, keeps us in the public eye whilst promoting our services via Social Media which allows me to concentrate on other areas.

You can find out more about the Team, what we get up to, the services we offer plus lots of useful cleaning tips by subscribing to our YouTube Channel or call 01327 342594 for advice or assistance.

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