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Recommended Cleaning Products

As professional carpet cleaners working in customers’ homes and commercial properties in the Daventry, Northampton, and Towcester area we’re often asked “What cleaning products do we use to remove stains or what hoover we recommend?” With 12 years of experience in the carpet cleaning and cleaning industry, we have a good knowledge of what solutions and equipment work best to clean carpets plus we’ve gained a few tips and tricks to help our customers in their homes. So with this in mind, we have created an Online Shop, a Video Tips Page on how to remove stains on our website plus our YouTube Channel has a “Cleaning Tips & How to” Playlist to help our customers keep their home looking its best.

Take a look at our Top 5 Recommended Products:

Our Recommended Hoover – The Sebo BS 360

Customers ask us on a regular basis “What hoover do you use and recommend?” As professional carpet cleaners cleaning domestic and commercial properties we need a vacuum cleaner that is robust, reliable and provides a deep-down clean. The vast majority of professional carpet cleaners and those within The National Carpet Cleaners Association will use and recommend the Sebo BS360 or BS 45 which has a larger head and is used mostly in a commercial environment. The Sebo BS 360 is ideal for the home, it provides a deep-down clean with its beater bar and any dust is captured in a HEPA Filter bag so particles can’t escape and circulate into the air, therefore it’s ideal for Allergy sufferers. It also has a range of accessories to help you clean your stairs and soft furnishings, our last Sebo lasted 12 years and was used repeatedly on a daily basis, it may be a bit more expensive than some hoovers but we certainly got our value for money! Take a look below as I talk you through some of its features.

Professional Spotters for Spot & Stain Removal

To remove daily food & drink stains we use our own branded professional spot & stain remover, this is great for removing tea & coffee stains, food stains and have even used it to remove red wine stains! It’s an extremely effective stain remover for stubborn water-based stains left by everyday food and drink, it has a neutral PH level so our customers can’t do any damage with it. It can be used on carpets, upholstery & mattresses and can be purchased for £10 when we visit your home or from our online shop.

See how we remove a tea stain with our own branded spotter below:

If we can help you with our recommended cleaning products, spot and stain removal service from your carpets, soft furnishings or assist with any of your internal or external cleaning requirements then please don’t hesitate to call 01327 342594, we’re here to help!

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