Pub Carpet Cleaning

As we approach Christmas we’ve been busy helping businesses and pubs get ready for Christmas, we recently attended The Red Lion in Thornby to assist with their pub carpet cleaning to the bar and restaurant area. The carpets hadn’t been cleaned for a couple of years and had heavy soiling around the bar area which is to be expected. Due to the yeast etc in the beer, the day to day soil sticks to the beer creating a hard crusty stain in places, this needs to be broken down using a combination of a degreaser and a hot water solution.

Pub Carpet Cleaning in Daventry

We previously carried out pub carpet cleaning to the Chasers Pub in Daventry, the landlord couldn’t believe the difference we made. Again the carpets were heavily soiled due to the beer, soil and sticky residue especially around the bar area. The carpets were all deep vacuumed, treated with a degreaser to break down the beer, agitated with a CRB machine and cleaned using a hot water extraction system at a hot temperature. The landlord didn’t realise the carpets had a pattern in it until he came up to inspect our work, see what he had to say regarding our commercial carpet cleaning in the testimonial below.

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