Rubber Hand Brush for Removing Pet Hair



  • TIME SAVING – Quickly and Easily Remove Pet Hair and Fluff from Carpets and Flooring
  • LONG LASTING – The hand brush is washable – Rinse under a lukewarm tap – Easy cleaning and long-lasting
  • 2 IN 1 – The rubber hand brush also features a built-in squeegee blade. Ideal for cleaning glass, mirrors and shower screens etc
  • EASY TO USE – For best results please gently stroke the brush back towards yourself against the surface you are trying to clean in a sweeping/stroking action – While doing this try to keep all bristles in contact with the surface you are trying to clean. If you push too hard on the bristles in one area this can lead to the bristles wearing down. If you follow this all your carpets and flooring will be hair free!!

Our technicians use this item to clean upholstery cushions, car seats and stairs of unwanted pet hair. We use the rubber hand brush prior to vacuuming to collect hair and lift up the pile. See how we use the rubber hand brush in the below video, don’t forget to Subscribe.