Reusable Furniture Sliders



  • MOVE FURNITURE ON CARPET WITH EASE – Simply put these furniture movers under your large, heavy items to quickly and easily move them across carpeted surfaces.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL FURNITURE – Use furniture sliders on all items including tables, sofas, dressers, recliners, heavy appliances and more.
  • REUSABLE FOR CLEANING OR FUTURE MOVING – Leave these furniture movers under your items for easy future moving and cleaning or remove them to use again and again.
  • PERFECT ALL HARD SURFACES – Ezprotekt furniture sliders protect for hardwood floors, vinyl floors, ceramic tile, linoleum floors and all hard surfaces from damage, noise and scratches.
  • VALUE PACK WITH 16 PIECES – Each value pack includes 16pcs 89mm/3.5″ diameter round brown or beige furniture sliders.

The SleepHave team use these reusable furniture sliders on a regular basis, we use them to move clients furniture when cleaning their carpets. It makes our job so much easier and reduces the risk of injury for our staff.