Odour Treatments

Pet Odours

Since the lifting of the Lockdown restrictions, we have been extremely busy with deep cleaning and sanitising of customers carpets and upholstery. Due to the extended period of being at home additional soiling has occurred especially to those customers who have pets. Therefore we have been providing odour treatments as part of the cleaning process coupled with the deep cleaning of soft furnishings and carpets.

Loss of hair and the oils in the coats of pets cause additional soiling, but the odours they leave behind build up in the fibres and require a specialised type of cleaning and treatment. Firstly we remove the hairs using a specialised brush, you can see how we do this via our video tips page on our website. For those couches with a heavy pet smell, we will use an Odour Kill treatment as a pre-spray, agitate this into the fabric or fibres and leave for 10 minutes. We will then clean and extract the soil with an odour clear or fabric refresh treatment. This coats the fibres with a fragrance leaving a lasting fresh odour of your choice.

Cooking, Smoke or Fire Damage Odours

We have carried out cleaning at numerous fire damaged properties and subsequent decorating for our landlord clients via our One Stop Shop Property Maintenance Service for Landlords and Letting Agents. With fire-damaged properties, smoke and soot are vacuumed first of all and then any affected surfaces cleaned with an Ultrapac Renovate Solution which will remove the heavy soiling. The surfaces and fabrics are then cleaned with an odour and smoke neutraliser, this can be applied using cloths, Hot Water Extraction for the carpets and fabrics or fogging. Ultra-Low Volume Fogging consists of spraying a fine mist throughout the affected building or area in full PPE. The solution then kills the bacteria and molecules that cause the odour, alternatively, we can use an Ozone machine as part of our odour treatment. Ozone changes the molecular structure of bacteria in the air which leaves a fresh smell similar to the air after a thunderstorm, both treatments have to be used under strict conditions as they could affect people with breathing conditions.

Urine Odour

Urine stains if not treated promptly will penetrate carpets and seep into the underlay, especially in large deposits. These spills can then get trapped between the layers of carpet, underlay and floor causing strong odours over a period of time. Due to the acidic nature urine will also start to fade fibres and fabric which may not be reversible.

Urine stains need to be extracted using a water claw and treated with a Urine Neutraliser and a fabric refresh treatment, however in some cases the carpet needs to be lifted and the underlay treated in the same manner, In extreme cases where a pet has urinated continuously over a period of time the underlay and carpet has to be removed and the floor treated before laying new flooring.

To see the Water Claw in action, odour control treatments, or other useful tips visit our Video Cleaning Tips Page on our website.

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