Mattress Cleaning Northampton

Mattress Cleaning Northampton

When was the last time you cleaned your mattress?? You clean your car once a week so why don’t you clean your mattress especially when we spend a third of our life in bed sleeping! If you’re suffering with a disturbed sleep pattern, waking up with itchy skin, watering eyes or a runny nose you may be having an allergic reaction. Dust mites, Dust Mite excrement and the allergens they produce could be causing these symptoms, therefore mattress cleaning Northampton, Daventry and the surrounding areas may help you relieve those allergic reactions and improve your sleep.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are present in almost every household, no matter how clean you think your home is. They are a major cause of allergies and asthma, especially amongst the elderly and young children. The average mattress contains 2 million dust mites and thrive in a nice warm moist environment,  with the heating on, windows closed and our natural perspiration the mattress is an ideal location. As we toss and turn in bed the bed will act like bellows and we inhale the allergens produced within the mattress from dust and dust mite excrement.

House dust mites are so small they can’t be seen by the naked eye, many household owners think that their mattresses, carpets and soft furnishings are free of dust mites after a vigorous clean with the vacuum cleaner, this is simply not the case. We recently did a Black Cloth Test for this customer and she was horrified at what we removed in such a short space of time, the cloth was initially Black but the inspection chamber filled with dust, dust mites and dust mite excrement!

The UPVC light kills any surface bacteria and mold spores, this works in conjunction with the high vibration and suction systems which loosen the dust mites and extracts them into a HEPA filter bag. You can find out more about our Aller X mattress cleaning system or Dust Mite Facts via our website. We carry out mattress cleaning for domestic and commercial premises including hotels and care homes. For the hotel industry they can promote that their mattresses have been allergenicly cleaned providing them with a certificate of authenticity, see who we have worked with and what they have to say on our Hotel Page.

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