Long Buckby Rugby Club

I usually attend Long Buckby Rugby Club as an away fixture to watch my son play rugby for Bugbrooke RFC, and then treat myself to a pint of Guinness or two in the bar. However, on this occasion, we were asked to attend to carry out the carpet & upholstery cleaning.

On our first visit we cleaned 120 chairs in the main bar area, they hadn’t been cleaned for some time and were quite heavily soiled. We started by deep vacuuming the chairs with our Sebo Turbo Brush which extracts the dust and loose soil from the fabric. We then pre-sprayed the chairs with a high-performance pre-spray agitated them and left them to dwell for 15 minutes. The chairs were then cleaned and rinsed through using a low moisture hand tool, towelled off and speed dried using air movers.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning – VP Lounge

After cleaning the chairs, the chairman contacted us and said the chairs “looked fantastic” he invited us back to clean the carpets & upholstery in the VP Lounge. On this occasion, I took my young apprentice with me (AKA James, my son) and thought I would put him through his paces. We carried out the same procedure as before but James had his first attempt at upholstery cleaning. He was so proud of his work and being ultra-competitive he announced his bench was better than mine! To be fair he may have a point but we will let you decide!

Has the Apprentice beaten The Master?

The Sebo Hoover & Turbo Brush we use can be purchased via our Online Shop along with other useful items we use on a daily basis. You can see how James cleaned the upholstery and other useful cleaning tips via our YouTube Channel.

If we can help with any of your cleaning needs please call 01327 342594.

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