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Landlord Rental Properties – Water Escape

How to deal with Water Escape – Daventry

As part of our One Stop Shop Property Services for Landlords & Letting agents we deal with a lot of rental properties and tenants. We  recently received an emergency call from one of our letting agent clients to say a pipe had burst with water escape to one of their rental properties in Daventry.

A plumber had attended to isolate the leak from the boiler but a vast amount of water had escaped into the bedroom, downstairs hall and lounge. If left water can cause a lot of damage, therefore you need to act quickly to minimise the amount of damage caused. Water had settled on the floors, therefore we used our hot water extraction system to suck up and remove the water. The carpet and underlay to the hallway was taken up and disposed of and the floor sterilised. We then removed excess water from the carpets and underlay to the bedroom and lounge treating both with odour kill and fabric refresh. This will not only kill any bacteria but will remove odours. This is a process we have to repeat to ensure we remove as much water as possible whilst using air movers to assist with the drying process.

Take a look at the below video where I talk you through the process:

We were at the property most of the day on Friday working, but left air movers to continue the drying process. We then returned on Saturday and Sunday to monitor the drying and to move the air movers accordingly. Our letting agent client was appraised and we sent them numerous pictures and a copy of our video, they in turn could update the landlord and insurance company.

Our client said “Your prompt action minimised the damage saving our landlord money. I can’t believe how good it looks considering the amount of water that escaped, I can’t thank you enough!”

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