How to Remove Stains

Five weeks ago I lost my young apprentice and son James to the Royal Air Force as I delivered him to RAF Halton for his basic training, my loss was the RAF’s gain as they were getting a very fit and enthusiastic young recruit. I had helped train and prepare James for over a year and have every confidence that he will enjoy his new life in the RAF Regiment. However, I didn’t realize that his carpet cleaning skills on how to remove stains would come in so handy!

The Sebo Hoover

As professional carpet cleaners, it’s important for us to have a top-quality hoover that will provide a deep vacuum to carpets and soft furnishings removing as much dust and debris as possible prior to cleaning. The Sebo Hoover with it’s various attachments allows us to do just that! It’s a product we use daily and highly recommend, reliable and sturdy with excellent suction and cleaning results! However, James contacted me and said he had been allocated hoovering as part of his block job in his barrack block and said the hoover wasn’t quite what he was used to…….Once a carpet cleaner always a carpet cleaner I guess!

How to Remove Stains

James and his fellow recruits are getting used to military life which entails lots of cleaning and Ironing in the early stages, especially to their uniform and boots. I had a strange request from Jay as he asked for a delivery of our Spotter and Citrus Gel, I thought he might want a few snack bars or Haribo’s but no, our spotters were more of a priority! When I asked why he said the lads were getting shoe polish on the carpet from cleaning their boots, therefore he needed to remove the stains prior to inspection. Jay is now teaching them how to remove stains from carpets and think Jay’s stain removal skills have come in quite handy with his fellow recruits……..Once a carpet cleaner always a carpet cleaner!

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