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Carpet Cleaning Daventry – How to Remove Stains

We recently received an emergency call from a children’s residential home in Long Buckby near Daventry to see if we could clean their carpets and to remove some paint and ink stains. Speaking with the manager she informed me that one of their residents had found some paint and ink and decided to paint the carpets and walls on the brand new carpet! They recently had the carpet fitted ready for their Offstead inspection the following Monday!!!  If want to see How to Remove Stains you can go straight to our Stain Removal Page on our website.

When we arrived we couldn’t believe our eyes, paint and ink of various colours and types were all up the stairs and landing. Take a look at the below pictures to see:

Stain Removal Tips

There was a variety of water and solvent based stains therefore a different solution would be needed to help remove the stains. When dealing with a variety of stains its best to test one or two of them using kitchen towel and a solution to see which achieves the best results, always try a small area first starting from the outside of the stain working in. There are some golden rules when removing stains, to get some useful tips you can visit the National Carpet Cleaners website and see their Spot & Stain Removal guide. 

The most important thing is NOT to rub or scrub the stain as you may damage the fibres of the carpet, using water blot with kitchen towel allowing the stain to wick up, however if it’s an oil based stain an additional solution may be required. In this instance its always best to call the professionals, the sooner we can deal with it the more chance we have in removing the stain.

When we finished the client was over the moon and couldn’t believe the results we achieved. After their Offstead inspection which they passed they left the below review on our Facebook Page

Take a look at the below After pictures and you’ll see why we got such a good review.

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