How to Remove Stains from Carpets

Stain Removal in Weedon using the Waterclaw

As professional carpet cleaners we invest heavily in equipment to ensure we can provide the best clean we can for our customers. Our staff are trained and qualified in advanced spot and stain removal and have a variety of solutions, techniques and equipment to help us remove some of the heaviest of stains. We recently attended a property in Weedon as a long term customer’s son had spilt blackcurrant  on her lounge carpet, to see how to remove stains from carpets see our stain removal page and the below video.

How to Remove Stains from Carpets – Customer Advice

When you have a spill be it red wine, coffee or tea etc it’s important that you follow the Golden Rule and DON’T Panic!! Please don’t rush under the kitchen cupboard and grab the first thing you see, then if that doesn’t work try something else……….we’ve had customers that have done exactly that and damaged their carpets permanently!   Because they tried different solutions a chemical reaction occurred causing bleaching and discolouration, by the time they called us it was to late!! Take a look at some of the below horror stories we’ve seen by customers trying to remove stains and not calling the professionals!

To avoid such horror stories we now sell our customers our own professional spotter which has a neutral PH level so its not harmful and will deal with most stains, we will even show you how to use it or you can just call us for advice or our spot & stain removal service.

Alternatively for emergency advice you can visit the National Carpet Cleaners Association website for some Emergency Tips.

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