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How to Remove Pet Urine

As homeowners, we love our pets, but no matter how hard we try toilet training there will always be those times when they have little accidents within the home. Pet urine in carpets will not only leave a nasty odour but will start to fade and change the colour of your carpet the longer it’s left. As we’ve been carrying out a lot of spot & stain removal services recently I thought this would be the ideal time to give you a few tips on how to remove pet urine.

When you discover a little accident the first thing to do is not panic! The second thing is not to rush under the kitchen sink and reach for any solution you can find, spray it all over the stain in the hope that it will go away! Now we’ve got what not to do out the way let’s talk about what you should do.

Initially blot the stain with several layers of kitchen towel to soak up the spillage, even use the back of a hand brush or similar implement to beat the kitchen towel to draw up the urine into the kitchen towel. Using a Detergent Vinegar Solution, work from the outer edge of the stain inwards, using a little at a time, blotting up with dry cloths frequently.

Rinse by simply mixing one-part white vinegar and four-parts water.
Pour mixture into a spray bottle and spray over the stained area. Blot
dampened area (do not rub) to remove excess moisture. Spread
white kitchen towel (stacked 6-8 sheets deep) over the affected area
and place a weight, such as a book, directly on top. This will help
moisture residue to soak into the towels. Leave overnight and repeat if
necessary. You can find out more advice by downloading our FREE guide to spot and stain removal.

Download our Guide Here

Alternatively, if you don’t feel confident in carrying out the above then just give us a call and we can attend as part of our spot & stain removal service and extract the stain for you. We have a variety of solutions, techniques and different equipment to help you with stain removal. However, don’t leave it! The sooner we can attend and deal with the stain the more chance we have of removing it, we can also provide you with a bottle of our Spotter to aid you with future accidents.

Just call us on 01327 342594, we’re here to help!

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