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How to Remove Pet Hair

If you have pets that molt are you getting frustrated at the amount of hair they leave around the house, on your carpets and upholstery?? As Professional Carpet Cleaners we deal with this on a regular basis and can give you a few tips on the best ways on how to remove pet hair from your carpets and soft furnishings.

Pet hair can not only be unsightly but can also cause allergic reactions, therefore vacuuming on a regular basis is essential to minimize the build up of hair. We recommend using a hoover with a HEPA filter, this will ensure that any harmful allergens or dust doesn’t escape into the air and are contained within the bag. We use and recommend a SEBO BS36 hoover which is a vital part of any reputable carpet cleaners equipment. The SEBO BS36 also has a beater bar, great suction and can be fitted with a turbo brush to give a deep down clean to upholstery and stairs. When we remove pet hair not we use the SEBO BS36 in conjunction with special brushes that pick up and collect the hairs which regular vacuums can miss. Take a look at the below videos.

The brushes have rubber nipples which lift, pick up and collect the hair which normal hoovers will miss. You can then use the straight rubber edge which is like a window Squeegee to collect the hair ready for hoovering. The straight edge is also great for removing black sock fluff from your carpets which you can see via our YouTube Channel.

Once we’ve removed the pet hair and soiling we can then proceed to carry out the cleaning process. For furniture and carpets affected by pet odour we can carry out an odour kill and fabric refresh treatment, which will leave your fabrics smelling great. For those clients suffering with allergies we can provide allergy control treatments, for more information please call 01327 342594.

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