How to Remove Pet Hair from Carpets & Upholstery

The SleepHaven Team has been very busy recently with deep cleaning to carpets and upholstery in the Daventry, Northampton, and Towcester areas. In particular, we’ve been dealing with a lot of pet-related issues such as stain removal, odour control and moulting. This has been an ideal opportunity to further James & Taylor’s training and has allowed me to show them how to remove pet hair from carpets and upholstery and the tools we use. If you want to keep your home clean & tidy why not visit our ONLINE SHOP and use what the professionals use to keep it looking its best.

Rubber Hand Brush for Removing Pet Hair

This rubber hand brush is ideal for removing pet hair from stair carpets and upholstery. The rubber nipples lift up the pile of the carpet or fabric releasing the hair from the fibres which then enables you to collect them into a pile using the additional rubber squeegee edge. We then use our Sebo Turbo Brush to vacuum up the hair which then goes into a HEPA filter bag. To purchase the Hand Brush follow the LINK to Amazon.

Long Handled Rubber Brush for Removing Pet Hair

The long-handled rubber brush for removing pet hair and sock fluff is ideal for carpets and larger areas. Again it lifts up the pile and removes the pet hair and sock fluff as you brush it, black sock fluff especially gets interwoven with the fibres of the carpet and becomes part of it, hence why you may see a colour change to your carpet. This is quite prevalent in light coloured bedroom carpets in front of dressing room mirrors etc. To purchase the Long Handled Brush follow this LINK to Amazon.

See How We Remove Pet Hair from Carpets in the Below Video.

Pet Odour Control

The natural oils from pet hair can cause staining to your fabrics and carpets, in addition, they can leave a strong odour. The soiling and grease need to be broken down into layers, once removed we can treat the fabric with an odour kill treatment then flush it through with fabric refresh which coats the fibres with a fragrance of your choice. Living with pets you become immune and used to the odours they produce, however, your guests don’t!! We recommend you have your carpets and upholstery cleaned every 12 months which removes the soiling and keeps on top of the odours.

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