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How to Remove Chewing Gum from Carpets

Stain Removal Tip – How to Remove Chewing Gum

If you manage a pub, club, or are a property management company one of the biggest problems you may face with your carpets is the problem of chewing gum. You want your carpets to look good and presentable for your customers, stuck down chewing gum looks unsightly, attracts dirt and germs and is a nightmare to get off! Here in this video I show you one of the ways on how to remove chewing gum from a hard wearing button back carpet in the corridor of a communal block of flats.

In the above video I’ve used a freeze spray to remove chewing gum but there’re other methods depending on the type of carpet you’re dealing with. We can use Gels or solvent based solutions to break down the gum and again remove it using the end of a tamping brush, special gum remover tool or the edge of our hand tool as in the above video. Our team are trained in advanced spot and stain removal and use various techniques and solutions to help remove stains from your carpets.

To see how to remove red wine, tea, coffee or other stains from your carpets visit our Spot & Stain Removal page on our website or the NCCA website. 

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