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How to Remove Chewing Gum from Carpets

If you’re a Headteacher, Pub Landlord or an Office Manager I bet you’re fed up with stains and wondered how to remove chewing gum from your carpets??

Some people may like chewing gum but we all know what a pain it can be if it’s on the carpet, we stand in it or get it on our clothes. Chewing gum will go hard and will attract soil and dirt according to it’s sticky nature, to remove from your carpet is not a simple process. We mainly use two methods to remove chewing gum from your carpets depending on the type of carpet.

  1. Solvent Solution – As a gum or glue a solvent solution can be used to break down the gum in layers which will turn it soft and pliable to remove. However you need to be aware of the type of carpet you’re dealing with as carpet tiles have a bitumen backing and can react to the solvent. Therefore you can use the second method.
  2. Freeze Spray – This is ideal for commercial carpets with a bitumen backing such as carpet tiles or hard wearing Button Back Carpets. We apply a freeze spray to the gum and leave it for a short while, we can then use the sharp end of a “Tamping Brush” or something with a sharp flat edge to chip off the chewing gum. Again you may have to do this in layers repeating the process but it’s very effective.

Take a look at the below video where I demonstrate how to remove chewing gum from a carpet to a communal block of flats in Broxbourne.

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