Rug Cleaning

How to Clean Rugs

Have you wondered what is the best way to clean your rug? As professional carpet cleaners we provide a rug cleaning service in Daventry and the Northampton area. We can clean your rugs at your location or take them away clean and return them to you once they’re cleaned.

Rug cleaning is a different process to carpet cleaning, due to the variety of mixed colours, fibres, origin and type of rug. Different solutions and methods will be used as both the front and back will need to be cleaned which means they take longer to dry. Take a look at the below video as I talk you through the initial cleaning process.

Wet Cleaning Rugs

Once as much of the dry soil has been removed we will test the rug for colour fastness as some rugs may “bleed” due to variation of colours. A suitable rug cleaner is applied and agitated then washed and cleaned using a Hot Water Extraction System. There’re other methods of cleaning rugs depending on their size and type. Some can be cleaned using a “Beater machine” which is a dry process or alternatively submerged in a “Rug Tank” cleaned and then hung out to dry.

Rug Drying Process

Once the rugs are cleaned we need to dry both sides of the rugs and fringes using a combination of air movers and hanging the rugs out to dry. As both sides have been cleaned they will take longer to dry, rugs can’t be put down on carpet until they are dry due to the risk of colour transfer. Take a look at the below rugs we’ve cleaned recently, if we can assist just call 01327 342594 or visit our website.

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