How to Clean Hard Floors

At SleepHaven we provide a full range of cleaning services, we specialise in carpet and upholstery cleaning but recently attended the Spectrum Community Centre in Duston Northampton. We were recommended to them, Rachel the Senior Centre Manager said “No matter how we try we just can’t get the floors clean”. So the boys and I attended to give the floors a deep clean, so let me show you how to clean hard floors!

Preparation and Cleaning of Hard Floors

Once all the tables and chairs were removed the team swept and hoovered all the vinyl flooring thoroughly. Once done the floors were sprayed with an Ultrapac Renovate solution by Prochem, this was then agitated using a Counter Rotating Brush (CRB) machine which loosens and breaks down ingrained soil from the floor.

We gave the solution some dwell time before extracting the dirt and soil with a Hot Water Extraction machine whilst making plenty of dry passes to aid in the drying process. As we moved through the dining area we wiped down skirting boards etc and placed air movers throughout the area to enhance the drying time. You can find out more on how to clean hard floors via our YouTube Channel.

For the edges, those gaps under benches or work surfaces we use a hand drill and circular brush to agitate the solution, we can then extract the soil using a hand tool which is connected by hose to the Hot Water Extraction machine. We recommend you get your hard floors cleaned every 6 to 12 months depending on the amount of footfall the area has.

Once we had completed the job Rachel the Senior Centre Manager said “Thank you for such a fantastic job, we will definitely be using you again in future!” If we can assist you with any of your cleaning needs please Contact Us or call 07977 258898.

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