How to clean Flood Damage – A Christmas Clean Up

With all the rain and bad weather, we’ve recently experienced we thought this would be the ideal time to show you how we deal with water escape and how to clean flood damage.

A beautiful property in the Cotswolds was recently subjected to some serious flood damage, a friend contacted us and needed our help as his bosses house had flooded on Christmas Eve! The water mains had burst due to the flooding and all the water poured down the outside stairs into the games room, gym and wine cellar, at one point the rooms were under 4ft of water! Pumps were used to extract the majority of the water, we then used our Skyvac’s to suck up the remaining water and sludge. Once the water and sludge were removed we used air movers and dehumidifiers to start the drying process. The insurance surveyor attended the day after boxing day and couldn’t believe what we had achieved in such a short space of time and over a holiday period. He said our prompt response and subsequent actions had saved thousands of pounds towards the restoration of the property. Take a look at the below video to see how we did.

How to clean flood damage

Water Escape – Carpets

A local tradesman contacted Sleephaven as an en suite shower they had fitted developed a leak, water had escaped to the bedroom carpet. We were asked to attend and extract the water and do what we could to rectify the situation on behalf of the homeowner and report back to the tradesman. Once the water had been extracted from the surface of the carpet they needed to know if the carpet needed replacing or what further action was required.

Once we sucked up the surface water we pulled back the carpet and did an initial inspection underneath.

Water Escape Initial Inspection

After extracting the water from the carpet, underlay and sub floor we dried the area using numerous air movers. We then treated the floor, underlay and carpet with a sanitiser to kill any bacteria and used an odour kill treatment to remove any odours. If your home, office or business has a flood or water escape we can remove the water, dry and sanitise the area.

Water extracted with carpets & underlay dried

On this occasion, we were able to save the carpets and underlay, which saved the tradesman money on any potential insurance claim. The homeowner couldn’t thank us enough for our prompt response and hard work. You can see more of our flood work and customer testimonials via our YouTube channel or call 01327 342594 for more information.

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