How to Clean Dirty Dining Room Chairs

As professional carpet cleaners based in Weedon we cover the #Daventry, #Northampton, #Towcester & #Long Buckby areas. As part of our internal cleaning services, we provide upholstery cleaning to our domestic and commercial clients. We recently visited a regular customer in Daventry to clean their stairs and landing carpets but whilst there they asked us to clean some upholstery, therefore we thought this was an ideal opportunity to show you how to clean dirty dining room chairs.

Preparation Prior To Cleaning

We start by vacuuming the chairs to remove any loose debris and dirt from the fabric using a turbo brush attachment to our Sebo Hoover. The chairs are then pre-sprayed with an upholstery cleaning solution which is then agitated using an upholstery brush mounted on a rotary hand drill which gives additional agitation, paying extra attention to any heavy stains.

Hot Water Extraction & Cleaning

Once the upholstery and stains are agitated we then give them some dwell time prior to cleaning. To remove the soil from the foam cushion and flush the dirt from the fibres of the fabric we use a Hot Water Extraction system (HWE) which penetrates deep into the upholstery and is extracted by a triple motor vacuum. Once the fabric is flushed through and cleaned we dry the fabric using white towels which also remove any remaining residue and then use air movers to dry off the fabric.

To find out more about our upholstery cleaning services you can visit our website or visit our YouTube Channel where you can see us carrying out various cleaning projects plus some useful cleaning tips.

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