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How to choose my Carpet Cleaners

How do I Choose my Carpet Cleaning Company?

In this difficult economic climate, what’s important to you when looking for a local carpet cleaning company? If it’s the cheapest and price is dominating your thoughts then think again! What about shrinkage, delamination, wicking, drying the list goes on! So ask yourself these questions, do I trust the company, what kind of service will I get, do they know what their doing, what happens if it goes wrong………So how do you choose your carpet cleaners?

There’s lots of carpet cleaning companies operating in our area with numerous flyers, adverts and internet landing pages all offering their services with amazing deals…..but are you really getting value for money? We’ve all seen programs on TV in relation to rogue traders so how do we choose which carpet cleaning company is reputable and right for us?

When customers contact SleepHaven they’ve sometimes been given a quote over the phone without an inspection of the carpet or upholstery, so how can these companies give a price without measuring up, checking the type and make of carpet or the amount of soiling??  We like to do an on site inspection and survey where possible so we can give an accurate assessment and price regarding the cleaning, there will be NO hidden extras. Customers have told us some real horror stories, one company charged extra for drying and another company charged an extra £5 for every stain they rempoved!!!

When selecting a carpet cleaning company I advise customers to ask themselves the following questions:

  • Are they qualified and do I trust them?
  • What kind of service will I get?
  • Will I get a deep down clean and will it last?
  • What happens if something goes wrong?
  • Are there hidden extras?

There are so many people claiming to be carpet cleaners nowadays who have either hired machines or bought them off e bay hoping to make a fast buck. They have little or no training and prey on unsuspecting people with cheap offers on Social Media, we refer to them as Wet it, Shrink it and Scarper merchants in the trade.

Always look for the National Carpet Cleaners Association or Trustmark logo when selecting a carpet cleaner on either their website or marketing material. This will show they are fully trained, insured and are bound by the rules and regulations of their governing bodies. SleepHaven are now TrustMark approved contractors which means we’ve been on site inspected and conform to government endorsed standards, this gives customers peace of mind when selecting a carpet cleaning company.

Any reputable company will visit; provide an onsite inspection and free quotation in accordance to the customer’s needs whilst fully explaining the appropriate cleaning method suitable to their carpets.  Check they have with them identification, certificates of qualification plus a copy of their public liability insurance. The company should also have a complaints procedure in place and should be open and honest in what course of action you can take if you’re not happy with the service provided. Ensure you get a copy of the site survey, inspection report and quotation.

My mum always said to me “You get what you pay for son” so please think when selecting your carpet cleaning company and don’t be lured by offers of “carpet cleaning from £20” or £15 per room…..It’s just too good to be true and could cost you dearly!”

Check out the below video from BBC Rogue Traders to see some of the Scams :and tricks these company’s employ.

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