Gutter & Roof Cleaning

Gutter cleaning & Clearance

SleepHaven now offer Gutter Cleaning and Clearance as an additional cleaning service to our clients.

Blocked guttering can cause leaks and damage to your property, as a homeowner you need to ensure your gutters are cleaned properly to prevent overflowing water from damaging your brickwork or causing internal leaks.

Our gutter cleaning and maintenance services will safeguard your property with a one off clean or a regular maintenance service if you wish.

We recently cleared this heavily blocked gutter above a conservatory to this Northampton property. Due to the gutters location you wouldn't be able to clear the obstruction using ladders, however with the Skyvac we can reach these normally inaccessible areas.

Gutter Cleaning Towcester
Blocked Gutter
Sky Vac
Sky Vac Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning Daventry

Using our SkyVac  system we can carry out an initial inspection via our telescopic pole, camera and monitor showing you exactly where the issues are.

With the extensive reach and suction power of the SkyVac Atom we can remove debris and even heavy clumps of grass. Our extension poles are fitted with a camera and monitor so we can monitor our work as we clean.

The SkyVac Atom with its extensive reach and high powered suction system can reach those awkward gutters above conservatories or terraced houses with no rear access. Our team can clean your guttering from the safety of the ground, no requirement for cherry pickers, scaffold or the danger of climbing on roofs!

Roof cleaning / Moss Cleaning

Does your property need a face lift??

If you're looking to sell or let your home first impressions really do count!! Moss on the roof is not only unsightly but can cause your tiles to lift, affect the natural flow of water into your gutters which could ultimately cause damage to your home. For potential viewings or just to get your home looking its best why not get your roof cleaned? Our team can remove the moss using extension poles and an adaptable scraper head suitable to your particular tile and roof. Any remaining moss or debris is vacuumed off using the Skyvac system,  To kill any further growth a soft wash with a Biocide can be applied which is gentler than using a jet wash method. Each job is priced individually as a platform or scaffold may be required due to the height and angle of the roof.

When cleaning your roof we also include clearing and cleaning gutters as part of the service. Take a look at the below pictures of a job we carried out recently.