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Flooding Testimonial

 Water Damage – Flooding Testimonial

After the “Beast from the East” had visited the country it left it’s mark across our county in more ways than one.  We were contacted by the Managing Director Bruce McCullam of Macflex in Upper Heyford on a Sunday afternoon urgently asking for our help after a burst water pipe had caused water damage to their offices and carpets. We attended the offices over the next two days to remove the excess water and Bruce was more than happy to give us a testimonial.

The excess water was removed using our carpet cleaning machines extracting and removing the surface water, we left air movers on overnight to assist in the drying process. We then returned early in the morning to extract the water that was trapped in and underneath the carpet using a variety of techniques and equipment. It was important for  our client that his staff could continue to work and that the company didn’t loose any valuable work time. The carpet was saturated especially where the water had collected due to level and slope of the floor and had been under of 2 inches of water in places. We continued to work throughout Monday and left air movers overnight returning and collecting them the following morning, see what the Managing Director Bruce McCullam had to say.

We were able to remove the water and dry out the offices so work could continue without Macflex loosing any work hours or business, the company then needed to liaise with their insurers regarding any mould spores and the possibility of replacing the carpets..


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