Deep Cleaning – Nether Heyford Cricket Club

As commercial premises start to come out of Lockdown we’ve been busy with our Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing packages to help clubs and businesses prepare a safe and healthy environment. We recently assisted Nether Heyford Cricket Club in getting the bar and club house ready for their members and guests in readiness for the first game of the season. The first part of the process was to do a deep clean to the carpets, upholstery and all the surfaces prior to initiating a fogging treatment. Take a look at the below video as I talk you through the first stages of the deep cleaning process in the Club House.

Once the carpets were cleaned we supplied a group of volunteers with a sanitiser which has a 99.999% kill rate of known microbes plus leaves a lasting layer of protection (subject to environmental factors). They cleaned all the surfaces but paying particular attention to all the touch points, such as door handles and light switches. Once this was complete and all the electrical points were covered up we were ready to fog the area. Full PPE is required with restricted access whilst the process is being carried out and until the area is aired plus vented for a minimum 2 hours.

Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Fogging using an Envirosafe solution sprays a fine mist which covers and settles on all the surfaces which again kills 99.999% of all known microbes, bacteria, viruses and odours. Once complete the area was vented, Club members and guests can now feel safe knowing that every precaution has been taken to cleanse the club ready for opening. Take a look below to see how we fogged the area.

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