Deep Cleaning

We recently visited a commercial client in Burntwood near Birmingham to carry out deep cleaning to their office carpets and chairs. The factory makes black rubber and plastic mouldings for cars, however staff coming from the factory floor into the office had caused severe soiling to both the chairs and carpets. Deep cleaning and sanitising was required as neither had been cleaned in years and the job was going to be a severe challenge.

Office Carpet Cleaning

Once we had vacuumed, due to the intense black rubber marks to the carpet tiles we were going to need a suitable solution as a pre spray. We used an Ultrapac Renovate solution which is used in smoke or fire damaged properties, this breaks down rubber, soot and heavy duty black marks. To make the cleaning process easier we agitated the pre spray using a Contra Rotating Brush (CRB) machine which really breaks down the soil. After some dwell time this was then extracted at a high temperature using the Rotavac 360i and Wand where required.

Office Chair Cleaning

We returned to Burntwood 2 weeks later to clean 90 office chairs knowing that we had a challenging day ahead! The chairs were in a terrible condition and hadn’t been cleaned in years, therefore we used the same process but using a hand held drill brush to agitate and break down the soil ready for cleaning.

The client was over the moon with the results, I have to say in all my 10 years in the industry this was the toughest commercial job I’ve had, but very rewarding. If your office carpets and chairs need cleaning please contact us for your FREE quotation and Site Survey.

You can find some useful tips, how we clean your carpets and upholstery via our YouTube Channel.

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