COVID 19 Cleaning

A client who was in the process of selling a property contacted us as the current owner had tested positive for Coronavirus. They required COVID 19 Cleaning to ensure the house was deep cleaned and sanitised in readiness for occupation by the new owners.

A misconception with this type of cleaning is that it’s assumed a mist or chemical is simply sprayed around the property which will kill the virus or bacteria, if only it was that simple! When we carry out a deep clean and sanitisation we carry out a 3 stage process:

Stage 1 – All surfaces are cleaned down using an appropriate Multi-Surface Cleaner and Sanitiser to remove any dust or dirt from the surfaces. This allows any further treatments to come into direct contact with the surfaces and improves the efficacy of the treatments.

Stage 2 – All carpets and any upholstery are cleaned using a Hot Water Extraction System then post sprayed with an Envirosafe product.

Stage 3 – Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Fogging is carried throughout the property spraying a fine mist of an Envirosafe product ensuring it comes into contact with all surfaces.

Take a look at the below video which will show you the 3 stages of the deep cleaning and sanitisation process.

Once the above treatments are carried out the property is vented and aired, and access is denied for a minimum of 3 hours. However, as the deep cleaning and sanitisation takes the majority of the day we recommend to clients they enter the premises the following day.

On completion, all waste is environmentally destroyed, including PPE and our equipment sanitised with a certificate issued to our client. As a landlord, potential homeowner, letting or estate agent you want peace of mind to ensure the premises are safe for occupancy.

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