Complete Cleaning Services

At SleepHaven we offer the complete cleaning services inside and out! So as we come out of Lockdown and Summer approaches why not give your home a deep clean inside and out in preparation for your friends and family to visit, whatever your cleaning needs we’ve got it covered!

We recently attended a property in Daventry where the customer needed her carpets cleaning as the children had found some marker pens and caused stains to the landing and bedroom carpets, the family also had two dogs so the carpets were in desperate need of serious professional attention. Whilst there the client enquired about our gutter cleaning services, they had noticed moss on their patio and some overflow to the rear gutters. We gave a quotation for each service but provided a discount if they wished to have both services, the customer was delighted and asked for us to clean both the carpets and the gutters. Take a look below and see how we helped the client.

Mix & Match

So to get your home ready for family and friends why not mix and match from the following range of our complete cleaning services, choose from:

  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Gutter & UPVC Cleaning
  • Roof & Patio Cleaning

Just call 01327 342594 for a FREE quotation, if you join our mailing list you may also find some Special Offers or discounts coming up in the near future for our regular customers.

Decorating & Property Maintenance

Some of you may know we have a Sister Company which offers a One Stop Shop Property Maintenance Service for Letting Agents & Landlords, this is a bespoke service to get properties ready for sale or let. One of our regular customers in Flore contacted us and asked to have their house & gates painted, patios cleaned plus some other property repairs. Take a look at the below video to find out more or visit our One Stop Shop Website for more information.

If we can do the same to your home ready for Summer than just give us a call on 01327 342594 for a FREE Quote..

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