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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Towcester

We recently attended the offices of a large company in a rural area of Towcester, they specialize in taking and analyzing  rock samples plus carrying out geological surveys. With the type of work they do soil is not only brought in from outside but from the laboratory, the grit from the rocks gets crushed into the carpet creating heavy traffic lane areas.

Attending on a weekend, to ensure we got a deep down clean all the carpets had to be vacuumed thoroughly before any cleaning could take place, if not water mixed with the soil would of created a bog! Once the carpets were hoovered we treated them with a High intensity Traffic Lane Pre Spray which was then agitated into the carpet and left to settle for 10 minutes. After that we then used Hot Water Extraction to clean the carpets and remove the soil, the results were truly remarkable.

Take a look at the below video to see the results. If you have offices and require commercial carpet cleaning in the Daventry, Towcester or Northampton area just give us a call.


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