Commercial Carpet Cleaning to Offices in Wellingborough

The SleepHaven team has cleaned the carpets and upholstery of numerous properties belonging to a long-standing customer over the years. The customer recently contacted me and asked if we could carry out the commercial carpet cleaning to offices in Wellingborough to his factory as they were really dirty, we were only too pleased to oblige.

Office Carpet Cleaning

It was an electrical company with two floors of offices plus a large entrance hall, stairs and landing. The downstairs locker room, rest area entrance hall and corridors were filthy with tea and coffee stains plus rubber marks from safety boots. The whole area was vacuumed then pre-sprayed with a High-performance pre-spray, agitated with a CRB Machine before cleaning with a Hot Water Extraction System.

How to Clean Dirty Stairs

The stairs become very dirty in an office environment due to the amount of footfall, therefore we have to clean the stairs similarly. After vacuuming with a SEBO Turbo brush we used a “Nitro” pre-spray with an extra additive called “Spark” to give it some extra kick and agitated it with a stiff brushed hand drill. We allowed some dwell time to break down the soiling before extracting it once again with a hot water extraction system.

Agitation using a hand drill

We Clean Corners, We Don’t Cut Them!

We carry out commercial carpet cleaning to offices in Wellingborough, Northampton & Daventry areas and the communal areas of apartment blocks in Nottingham, Grantham, Leicester, Beaconsfield, plus the home counties. We also carry out commercial carpet cleaning to schools, community centres, and sports clubs throughout Northamptonshire, you can see examples of our work by visiting our YouTube Channel.

We recently visited the Spectrum Community Centre in Duston where they had some very dirty hard kitchen and dining room floors that needed cleaning, these were cleaned using a similar method much to the delight of the Community Centre Manager and staff. To find out how we clean hard floors read our recent BLOG.

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