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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Daventry

Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Fords Daventry

SleepHaven carry out domestic and commercial carpet cleaning in Daventry and the Northampton area. Sleephaven we’re contacted by Fords in Daventry to quote to clean the carpets in their Henry Ford Academy where they carry out training for their UK staff.

The Henry Ford Academy (HFA) is a very large building with an Auditorium, numerous classrooms, offices, corridors and stairwells. Our staff provided an on site inspection and liaised with our client to ascertain their cleaning requirements plus carry out an on site survey. Due to the amount of staff and trainees in the building it became apparent that the work needed to be carried out at a weekend to cause less disruption and inconvenience to the company. As professional carpet cleaners we’re members of The National Carpet Cleaners Association and Trustmark Approved which means we operate to industry standards and are Government endorsed. Therefore, we provide a full Risk Assessment when carrying out a project of this size to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

The HFA has a very impressive large canteen which supplies free coffee and tea to it’s staff. Trainees and staff are allowed to take drinks into the classrooms and the auditorium but unfortunately accidents do happen, therefore spills and stains were evident throughout the building. We we’re also asked to clean the main security office carpets, these were heavily soiled as visitors and delivery drivers report to the main security office on arrival bringing in oil and debris onto the carpets.

Spot and Stain Removal – HFA

The two main stairwells in the HFA were given a deep clean as they receive a higher volume of traffic. The auditorium, classrooms and corridors were spot cleaned throughout using our “Spotter” to remove all those spills. A member of Fords staff accompanied us and checked each room to ensure we removed all the stains, this was very helpful to ensure we removed all the stains and that our client would be happy.

The Security Office – Carpet Cleaning Daventry

The Security Office was exceptionally soiled due to visitors bringing in oil, tar and general grime in onto the carpet from the delivery yard and parking area. Therefore we needed to break down the grease using a Citrus Pre Spray and our Rotovac 360 which is a high intensity rotary machine. This breaks down the grease thus making it easier to clean with our Hot Water Extraction System.

Our 3 man team worked long and hard but the staff at Fords were delighted with the results. If you have an office, school or commercial premises then Contact Us on 01327 342594 as we would be happy to give you a FREE no obligation quotation.

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