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Sleephaven are a professional carpet cleaning company that operates in the #Northampton, #Daventry, #Towcester and Long Buckby areas. Having been in business for 13 years we’ve gained a lot of knowledge in the cleaning industry with cleaning techniques, products, solutions and how to remove stains. We like to share what we’ve learned with our customers so they can keep their carpets and soft furnishings looking their best, so here are some cleaning tips & hacks that you may find useful.

How to Remove Pet Hair

If you have pets your carpets and soft furnishings may get covered in hair, you may find that no matter how much you vacuum that you can’t get rid of the hair. We remove pet hair by using some specialist rubber brushes or a window squeegee, once collected we vacuum them up. These brushes and other useful items to keep your home clean can be found in our online shop.

How to Remove Pet Hair From Upholstery

You can purchase this brush from our Online Shop via the LINK.

How To Remove Pet Hair From Carpets

You can purchase the long-handled brush via this LINK

How To Remove Grease From Extractor Filters & Ovens

Built-up dirt and grease in ovens can be a nightmare to clean, however, carrying out End Of Tenancy Cleans for our Letting Agent clients we’ve come across some of the dirtiest ovens going! We remove all the racks put them in a black bin liner and spray them with Oven Cleaner, we then tie it up and leave them for a few hours or overnight if possible. The solution will work twice as hard as it’s sealed, you then remove them and wash in the sink with Fairy Liquid and wire wool if necessary and the burnt-on grease just falls off! See how we clean grease from hob extractor filters below.

You can purchase the Zinseer Grease Remover Via this LINK

How to Remove Blood Stains

When dealing with blood stains make sure you wear gloves, the sooner you deal with the stain the more chance you have of removing it, always use COLD water. Use damp kitchen towels and blot the stain from the outside working in, you will see the stain wick up into the kitchen towel and keep repeating the process. Then place a couple of layers over any remaining stain with a heavy object on top and leave, any residue will wick up. For heavier, more stubborn stains call the professionals.

For further cleaning tips and video demonstrations visit our website cleaning tips or our YouTube Channel.

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