Cleaning Services

When I started my business in 2009 I provided a limited service, initially Mattress and Carpet Cleaning due to the fact my son suffered with Asthma and Eczema. However, as the business has grown so has the range of cleaning services we have to offer to our growing number of clients. This is what we’ve been up to recently, we’re not all about carpet cleaning!

Gutter & UPVC Cleaning

We now provided external cleaning services to our clients which are very popular at this time of year. As Winter approached we carried out numerous Gutter & UPVC cleaning to properties removing the heavy fall of leaves and debris from the gutters.

Blocked guttering can cause leaks and damage to your property, as a homeowner you need to ensure your gutters are cleaned properly to prevent overflowing water from damaging your brickwork or causing internal leaks.

Our gutter cleaning and maintenance services will safeguard your property with a one-off clean or regular maintenance service if you wish.

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Moss removal and roof cleaning is another one of our external cleaning services we’ve introduced. At this time of year we’ve been very busy scraping the moss off roofs, we do this using our Skyscraper which has multiple heads which can be changed depending on the type and make of the roof tile. When we clear the moss off roofs we also clean the gutters and down pipes using the Skyvac, this is a complete service which allows the water flow away naturally avoiding any mess or damage to your property.

Hard Floor Cleaning

We now carry out hard floor cleaning and have carried out some commercial work at a Church in Northampton and more recently for a repeat customer at his home. Our client is selling his property and wanted his carpets and kitchen floor cleaning ready for viewings. The Kitchen flooring was Amtigo from Whilton Locks, after sweeping and vacuuming we treated with a solution and agitated using a CRB machine then rinsed off using hot Water Extraction and then dried. The client was amazed with the results and left the following testimonial.

You can find out more about the full range of our cleaning services and get some useful tips from our YouTube Channel. We want to get to 100 Subscribers by the end of the year, if you follow and Subscribe to our channel you will be entered into a prize draw for £100 worth of FREE carpet cleaning!!

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