Cleaning Carpet and Tiles

Apartment Blocks – Communal Areas

We recently attended apartment blocks in Dunstable and St Albans to clean the communal areas of apartment blocks for our good friends and clients SMD Services Ltd. The communal areas were dirty which had a different challenge for us as both cleaning carpet and tiles were required which meant using different techniques and solutions.

Cleaning Carpet and Tiles

Carpet Cleaning

The carpets throughout the blocks were deep vacuumed as usual and were then treated with a High Performance Pre Spray which was then agitated into the carpet, this was allowed to dwell for 10 minutes breaking down the remaining soil. We then cleaned the carpets using a Hot Water Extraction system with a detergent in the water which would allow us to penetrate and remove the soil whilst rinsing it through. Carpets in communal areas are usually a “Button Backed” style of carpet which are hard wearing and quite resilient due to the amount of traffic they have to endure, therefore we can use stronger solutions and be more aggressive than we would normally be with domestic carpets. If the carpets are heavily soiled we can use a rotary system which gives us extra agitation helping us to break down the soil quicker whilst cleaning, you can see the Rotovac 360i in action via the link to our Apartment Block page on our website.

Tile Cleaning

The stairwells and tiled areas were swept through initially prior to treating them with a special solution which removes rubber marks (from shoes), oil, grease, soot and heavy soiling not only from tiles but carpets to, diluting the solution accordingly to the surface we’re treating and the amount of dirt. Once the solution is applied we use a battery operated “Turbo Brush” to agitate and scrub the tiles breaking down the soil ready for extraction, to do this we use the wand on the carpet cleaning machine. The dirty water is lifted from the tiles into the dirty tank, the tiles are then buffed using a soft head on the Turbo Brush with a combination of dry cloths and towels. Residents in the blocks were amazed at the results and commented on how good the communal areas looked.

As well as carpet cleaning we also offer a One Stop Shop property maintenance service to landlords and letting agents where we get properties ready for sale or let. To see the range of services our One Stop Shop offers you can visit our website or call us on 01327 342594.

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