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Carpet & Upholstery Protection

As carpet cleaners Northampton we provide professional carpet, upholstery and mattress cleaning in the Northampton and Daventry area. One of the services we offer our customers is carpet & upholstery protection to their fabrics and soft furnishings.

When we clean your carpets a lot of our customers want that added safeguard of keeping their carpets cleaner longer, therefore once we’ve cleaned the carpets we add a protector. A protector or Scotch Guard service which some customers may refer it to will keep your carpets cleaner, longer. However, customers need to realise that it’s not an invisible force field like they have on the Starship Enterprise….and I’m NO Captain Kirk! A quality protector coats the fibres of the fabric with a film, allowing the customer time to react to any stains or spills, normally with a damp cloth or kitchen towel. It also protects against daily dust and soiling, with regular vacuuming your carpets stay cleaner longer.  Take a look at the below video as I give you a demonstration on how the protector works.

With spills from tea, coffee or pet urine it will depend on the amount deposited onto the carpet, as I said I’m NOT Captain Kirk!! If your Great Dane decides to take a leak on your lounge carpet its not going to sit there as demonstrated on the video. The heat and the amount of spillage will penetrate the protector, but it will still make it easier for you or us to deal with the stain. When you hoover your carpet you will notice that you will extract more dust and debris than normal, keeping your carpets looking better, longer!

If you visit our website you will see the different types of protector we offer and a demonstration by Anthea Turner. For those suffering with allergies we can clean and protect your carpets/fabrics with an allergy treatment. Our allergy treatment will not only kill and remove dust mites and any associated allergens for over 12 months, but will offer you the same protection from spills and stains.

Carpet & Upholstery Protection

Allergy Protector

The protector will start to break down over a period of time with wear and tear especially on high traffic lane areas but you can clearly see the benefits. We offer 50% OFF on carpet protection to all our customers when we clean your carpets……so give us a call!


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