Carpet Stain Removal Northampton

Carpet Spot & Stain Removal

As qualified professional carpet cleaners in Northampton we’re trained in advanced spot and stain removal. Having 9 years experience we’ve encountered most stains and have a variety of solutions and techniques in assisting us to remove stains from your carpets.

We will offer customers advice by phone or provide a “Call Out” service for all those emergencies removing a variety of stains from tea, coffee, ink, nail varnish red wine and bodily fluids! The sooner you contact Sleephaven the more chance we have in removing the stain, we tell customers we will always improve a stain. However with some stains such as ink, the longer you leave the stain the more likely it will change the colour of the fibres. Each carpet is different and may react differently to certain solutions, that’s why you need to contact the professionals!

Customer DIY Stain removal

Unfortunately no matter how hard we try some customers attempt to remove stains themselves using a variety of solutions from under the kitchen sink. When one solution doesn’t work they will try another and so on whilst scrubbing the carpet in an attempt to get rid of the stain. By doing this they are damaging the fibres of the carpet but also the different solutions will start a chemical reaction which will more than likely dye the carpet. Take a look what happened to some of our customers carpets when they tried to do it themselves.

Stain Removal Testimonial

See what some of our customers say about our spot and stain removal service:

Yet another successful visit by Sleephaven to our home. A huge thank you to Richard and his team for their rapid response to rescue me from the “Dog House” after I spilled some red wine on our lounge carpet.

I have known Richard for many years and have used the services of SleepHaven many times; I would not use any other company.

Mr Bristow – Nether Heyford


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