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Carpet Stain Removal Daventry

SleepHaven Professional Carpet Cleaners

As carpet cleaners Daventry we were recently contacted by a customer in Flore who asked us to visit in regards to a brand new carpet in his lounge. His plumber had attended to fit a new radiator to the lounge, unfortunately when bleeding the radiator the bowl he used to collect all the dirty water got kicked over by my customer as he decided to help him! He needed our carpet stain removal Daventry service.

The plumber had taken the precaution of putting sheets down on the carpet but due to the extent of the spillage and the dirty water it had seeped through the sheeting and caused several bad stains. The customer to their credit took the correct action, didn’t panic and blotted the stains with kitchen towel soaking up the excess water and residue, however the damage was done and he required professional help.

As professional carpet cleaners SleepHaven are members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) and are qualified in advanced spot and stain removal. When cleaning or removing stains from a brand new carpet you have to be careful as you can remove some of the natural oils from the carpet, by doing this it can affect the shading of the carpet that has been cleaned. Our client was concerned that the damage was to severe and that he would have to claim off his insurance, plus he wasn’t looking forward to moving out all the furniture once again!!

Therefore we started on a small area of the stain and progressed gradually, our client couldn’t believe the results!! Our client genuinely thought he was going to have to replace his carpet, he said “I can’t thank you enough, you’ve saved me so much hassle. I thought I was going to have to claim on the insurance and move all the furniture out again, you’ve saved my carpet……it looks like new again!”

We now sell our professional spotters to our customers for all their spills and stains for just £10, please call us on 01327 342594 or Contact US via e mail to place an order.

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